White Lion was launched on December 8th, 2017.

What inspired us to launch White Lion?

  • Saving the last white lions on earth (there are less than 300 white lions today and are expected to be extinct in 12 years)
  • We want other people to feel the powerful emotion of achieving their goals by inspiring them to live a happy, healthy, positive, and abundant lifestyle.
  • Creating comfortable, unique, and affordable high performance/lifestyle apparel/footwear/accessories that allows people to feel the emotion of fulfillment.

BRAND NAME: White Lion

The brand name comes from the characteristics of the white lion animal: confidence, power, and uniqueness. White Lion is not just a brand of apparel; it is an EMOTION, the emotion of achievement and personal growth. White Lion is made to honour and better your body, spirit, and life; to find the athlete within you. 

SLOGAN: Stay Hungry 

MISSION: To save the last white lions on earth (by donating a percentage of sales to the Global White Lion Trust and doing other initiatives) and be one of the leading online stores of high performance fitness/lifestyle clothes, footwear, and accessories to make individuals feel excited, comfortable, and confident achieving their goals.

VISION: White lion offers unique lifestyle/high performance activewear to achieve your biggest goals. By helping you transform your vision, motivation, body, and life, we can make the world better. Our vision is to increase the number of white lions in the world, and inspire thousands of people to have and maintain a happy, healthy and successful lifestyle.


- Commitment to innovation and authenticity

- Commitment to protect the last white lions in the world

- Commitment to inspire  

- Commitment to build together a powerful fitness/health community



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